About The Enneagram

Many of you have probably heard of, or read about, the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a very old system of personality nomenclature that many lay claim to originating, and others have written authoritatively about. Having said that, no one owns exclusive rights to the information - like any other form of knowledge it really belongs to us all.
I have found the Enneagram a very useful tool both in understanding individuals and relationships.
Relationship of course exists everywhere in our daily lives, at home, at work, at school; relationship is one of the most challenging of all adult developmental tasks.

“We have had presentations on the Enneagram in the past, but somehow the content seemed too elusive. You mold it into a useful tool."
Adrian S. Windsor, Ph.D, Inside Edge Program Director

I have written some descriptions of Enneagram types that you can access below and you may use this information to help you determine your Enneagram Home Point. Remember, we all have the entire Enneagram within us but there are some specific habits of attention that we seem to cluster our energy around. This is the key to the self selection process.

Each point on the Enneagram has a 'Heart Point', 'Stress Point' and 'Wings', there is also a section called 'Body Center'.
Briefly, the 'Heart Point' is where one goes in matters of strong positive feeling, such as love.
The 'Stress Point' is where one goes when one is frightened or unhappy.
The 'Wings' are the points on either side of the Home Point that influence ones ability to express the nature of the Home Point. One may lean toward one wing or the other, use both interchangeably or seemingly have no wings at all.
The 'Body Center' is where one most easily receives information - Intellectually (the head), Emotionally (the heart) and Intuitively (the belly).

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Click on the following nine descriptions and find which one fits you best:

Workshop: Using the Enneagram as a tool in understanding yourself and your relationships

Dr. Margaret Cochran, clinical social worker and Transpersonal Psychologist, educator and author with over 30 years of clinical experience, explains how to use the Ennegram as a tool in understanding the personality of individuals, co-workers and relationships.
Dr. Cochran will explore:
  • The physical and emotional value of knowing your Enneagram personality type.

  • How knowledge of the Enneagram promotes empathy and will help you in business and day to day life.

  • Insights about yourself and the world around you though the nine Enneagram personality types.

  • How to use each point on the Enneagram: The 'Heart Point', 'Stress Point', 'Wings' and a Body Center' to learn about what creates each person’s unique state of personal health, happiness and wellness.